Yu-Chen Wang The Imitation Game Artist-in-Residence at MOSI Manchester 2015

I'm undertaking a two-month residency at Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. I will create new work for exhibition The Imitation Game at Manchester Art Gallery and at MOSI in Spring 2016.

Residency Day 54: Linotype

I first came across Linotype at MOSI’s Collection Store 2. I was let in the store, but we were not able to find the light switch… I was practically doing my research in a semi-dark space. The storage space is without heating. It was a rather cold day. This condition, somehow becomes something interesting for me to think about, in particularly from the objects’ perspective.

DSC_1889 DSC_1877 DSC_1880 DSC_1881

I watched Linotype: The Film, a feature-length documentary from the US, 2012 at MOSI’s Archive. It was fun to watch the film and very informative as well.




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